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Experience the power of multilingual communication with our comprehensive DTP services. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and discover how we can elevate your content to new heights of global relevance and impact.

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By using various Adobe softwares, we make sure the Source and Targets are matched as per the client's requirement. We aim to empower our clients to penetrate their target markets with culturally resonant materials

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Where translation isn't readily available in an editable format. We specialize in extracting text from non-editable or image-based files, ensuring that your content is prepared for translation seamlessly.

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Before translation it's essential for files to be error-free. Our service involves meticulously removing any extra line breaks, spaces, and other formatting issues to ensure that files are perfectly prepared and ready for translation

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To optimize the reading experience, typesetting involves tasks such as setting the margins' size, styling the beginnings of chapters, and selecting the appropriate font typeface and size for the content.


Our Services

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Our array of template services encompasses layout design, adjustment, and file conversion, catering to diverse client needs. We specialize in crafting document templates that boast consistency in layout and seamless adaptability to various languages. Through personalized templates, clients can uphold their document’s visual identity and brand consistency across different linguistic contexts. Whether clients possess a source language template or specific formatting requirements, we adeptly tailor layouts or enhance existing templates to align with their stylistic preferences and typesetting needs for multilingual document creation. One of the primary challenges encountered during the translation and localization of design-centric content like brochures, advertisements, and marketing collateral is the risk of disrupting the template's coherence with even minor textual changes. Our team of desktop publishing experts adeptly tackles formatting challenges, optimizing layouts, and refining templates to ensure that translated content maintains the impact and integrity of the original.

Content Extraction and Recreation for Non-Editable File Types: In situations where content for translation is inaccessible in an editable format, such as sensitive legal documents, medical records, or technical manuals, we provide a solution. Leveraging optical character recognition technology alongside expert human editors, we swiftly convert hard copy or scanned pages into editable files, facilitating seamless collaboration with your translation teams. By offering both input and output files in editable formats, we assist companies in digitizing their archives efficiently. Our adept team handles diverse content types, including scanned typewritten text, handwritten notes, and hand-drawn diagrams and tables, ensuring an accurate and editable replication of the original material. We specialize in extracting text from various file formats, including InDesign (.indd), QuarkXPress (.qxp), PDF documents (.pdf), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), and PowerPoint (.ppt). Our skilled engineers meticulously extract content from 'non-editable' sources, transforming it into formats compatible with Microsoft Word, the LanguageWire Editor, or other CAT tools. Once translated, proofread, or subjected to other language services, the text is seamlessly reintegrated into your document, closely mirroring the visual presentation of the source content.

Preparing Files for Translation: Efficiently preparing documents for machine translation tools involves transforming them into a format compatible with translation software. We specialize in recreating source files from PDFs or other formats into any desired format, including template and document design. Proper file preparation before translation is crucial to streamline the post-translation desktop publishing (DTP) process. By meticulously analyzing and preparing files with the translation tools and subsequent layout in mind, many potential issues can be preemptively addressed, ultimately saving time and unnecessary expenses. Utilizing a variety of tools, we extract text from diverse desktop publishing (DTP) applications into formats easily translatable in Microsoft Word, Trados tools, or other computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools. This preparation phase may also involve refining the source documentation through content fixes and tune-ups, facilitating a smoother and faster post-translation process. While Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools have evolved significantly over the past two decades, the expertise of a human touch remains indispensable in discerning files suitable for processing. Despite advancements in software capabilities, there are instances where human intervention is necessary to ensure optimal translation outcomes.

Formatting Services (Including Co-Edition Layout): Formatting, also known as typesetting, is the art of arranging text on a page to enhance the reading experience. This involves setting the margins, styling chapter beginnings, and selecting appropriate font types and sizes to suit the content. Essentially, typesetting is about effective visual communication. Whether designing pages from scratch or integrating text into existing templates, we ensure meticulous attention to detail. Typesetting plays a pivotal role in our desktop publishing solutions, particularly when translating content into new languages that necessitate different fonts and alphabets. Translated texts often expand, and not all fonts are universally suitable for foreign languages. Hence, typesetting services are essential to guarantee accurate visual representation and font usage across multiple languages. In essence, your documents will maintain their effectiveness in German, just as they do in English.

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